Pit 1:

22950 W. 119th Street
Plainfield, IL 60585



Map / Directions

Pit 2:

22750 Hassert Blvd. (111th Street)
Naperville, IL 60564

Sand and Gravel Products

FA-2 Sand


Common Names: FA-2, Torpedo or Torp Sand, Concrete Sand
Size: Medium coarse, washed, clean sand
uses: Fine aggregate for ready mix concrete or blacktop, trench backfill, utility lines backfill
FA-20 Sand


Common Names: FA-20, Mason Sand
Size: Very fine particles, clean sand
uses: Used in masonry cement, for brick pavers, sandboxes and playgrounds, volleyball courts, horse arenas
Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Common Names: Pea Gravel
Size: 3/8" round, washed, no fines
uses: Concrete blocks, drainage backfill, landscaping, concrete and asphalt roofing
3/4 inch Washed #6

¾" Washed #6

Common Names: 3/4" Washed #6
Size: 3/4" round, washed, no fines
uses: Backfilling retaining walls, pipe embedment, landscaping, pond stone
1.5 Inch Washed

1 ½" Washed

Common Names: 1 ½" Washed
Size: 1 ½", washed, no fines
uses: Backfilling, retaining walls, decorative landscaping, pond stone