Pit 1:

22950 W. 119th Street
Plainfield, IL 60585



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Pit 2:

22750 Hassert Blvd. (111th Street)
Naperville, IL 60564



Boughton Materials, Inc. has had an exemplary record of safety over its entire history of operation. Safety is the primary concern of the company and its employees. The company is governed by MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) regulations and each facility is inspected twice each year by federal mine inspectors. According to insurance underwriters, we rank in the top 1% of all Illinois quarries as a low risk, safe, and desirable company to insure. Likewise, because of the safe work environment, it is a desirable company to work for. With insurance costs lower than many other quarries, we are able to spend those savings on additional safety promotions and maintenance, as well as passing the savings on to our customers in the form of more competitive prices.


Boughton Materials, Inc. complies with all local, county, state and federal environmental regulations and statutes. Required testing, monitoring and reporting are regularly conducted by the company, independent third parties, and government inspectors. The company takes additional steps to reduce its impact on the surrounding area by creating berms, planting vegetation, using wheel wash systems, using water spray bars when crushing, water trucks for dust control, and limiting our operating times.  Additionallly, the company has experimented with new technology and products to reduce noise levels with some examples being radar back up alarms, rubber screens, and ceremic lined chutes.

As a company, we make it a priority to protect all aspects of the environment.  We are proud of our record and will continue to take all precautions to ensure a safe work environment for our employees as well as our neighbors in the surrounding communities we serve.